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What kinds of psychological difficulties can Catherine Petit (Lic. Psychologist) help you with?

Spousal crisis
Communication problems
Grief/loss of child

Intercultural psychology:

Intercultural communication Cross-cultural adaptation
Relationships with family members, friends and social groups
Development of an intercultural spousal identity

How does couple therapy work?

I meet with you in my office for one-hour couple therapy sessions. I do not see partners separately. The goal of couple therapy is to verbalize, with the psychologist’s help, what people are unable to say to each other quietly at home. I help you listen to your partner, express your feelings, assert yourself and negotiate compromises so that the relationship can move forward, while meeting each other’s needs and aspirations.

At the first meeting, you tell me about the problems you are experiencing as a couple. Partners often express irritation and interrupt each other. This helps me understand the patterns in which your relationship is stuck and the crisis you are unable to overcome. I will listen to each of you and give each person a chance to talk. Together, we will work to bring harmony into the relationship, develop intimacy and nurture compassion between the partners.

My theoretical preference centres on the systemic approach. With intercultural couples, I use my knowledge and experience in intercultural psychology. For a list of my related publications, please see the “Books” tab. I sometimes use the EMDR for couples approach to resolve emotional difficulties in the relationship. Occasionally I use Theraplay approach activities to help partners reconnect. All of these approaches are recognized as therapeutically effective.

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